Working for a Living


Working for the man every night and day.

Rolling on the River

One of my many projects is being a contributing author and researcher to Scribblers Writing Organization. In their newsletter, I provide a Publishing House List of Open Submissions. Starting next month I will be providing weekly articles on the craft of writing for new authors.  I hope you will subscribe. Here are some links:

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C.L. Steele, Author

J Snow, editor

In association with Scribblers Writing Organization


Published Works by C.L. Steele :

Sort Story – “Which Shoes?” in Chasing Magic Anthology Two sisters find magical worlds and discover their importance in the sisterhood.

Creative Essay –  “Our Place In Time” in Once Upon a Wednesday Anthology Reflections on the Women’s Movement after 2016 Election

Chasing Magic: A CWPH Fantasy Anthology by [Callender, Laura, Haraway, Britt, King, M.W., Holmes, Heather, Linsmeier, Amanda, Smh, E.R., More, W.S., Darqueling, Phoebe, Gohier, Jeremy]  Once Upon a Wednesday (Authors' Tale Book 1) by [Berryman, Cayce, King, M.W., Burton, Crystal MM, Smith, Tyronica, Snow, Lana, Smo, E.R., Happerger, Richard, Steele, CL, Deese, A.M., Greene, Melody, Pewitt, Jack A. , Crawford, Kyle, O'Neil, J.C., Beilman, Terra, Garg, Ekta R. ]


Works coming soon:

“Finished” A unique look on why life needs Death.  Spring of 2018- Blood Puddles: Silent Screams in Liquid Darkness Literary Horror Journal

Completed Works:

“Unheard Scream” – Flawed characters end in tragedy on Halloween when they all promise to be there for each other, but are not. Based on Bon Jovi song “I’ll Be There For You”

“Artificial” – Future Sci-Fi – Is robotics the answer to life after death? Joseph, a robotics engineer convinces his wife, a ballerina, to be his guinea pig. Artifical intelligence, robotic android body, but can love be artificial?

I continue to work on two novels and a long list of short stories. I’m hoping to share some exciting news next week. Stay tuned, there is much more on the horizon.

A Little Help From My Friends

Looking for a new read? Try these books from some of my favorite authors, who I’m fortunate enough to call friends and mentors. J.M. Ames, and Josh Darling.

Mirrors & Thorns: An OWS Ink Dark Fairy Tales Anthology by [Allen, J.K., Black, Kerry E.B., Bledsoe, C.L., Palmer, Lucy, Overby, Stacy, Dickerson, T.S., Ahern, Edward, Bernard, Melanie Noell, Scott, S.L., Ames, J.M., Nour, Sarah, Stansbury, Paul, Taylor, Cassidy, Strickland, J. Lee]

J.M. Ames, Author

Product Details

Josh Darling, Author/Editor



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