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Working for a Living Working for the man every night and day. Rolling on the River One of my many projects is being a contributing author and researcher to Scribblers Writing Organization. In their newsletter, I provide a Publishing House List of Open Submissions. Starting next month I will be providing weekly articles on the craft of writing for […]

Time After Time

Bare  Spring buds fragrant like momma’s homemade pies Summer leaves green as twinkling Irish eyes Fall glory, falling, twirling in mercy and grace Winter leaves gone away, trunk-en structures rise from snow Cinnamon sticks bathed in light. Rough bark, knotted and scared, Each tree exposed. Each unique. Each authentic. Each their own story. Time after time. […]


Doesn’t everyone want to fly? Yes, it can be scary, but we all want to know what it feels like to reach that great dream, right? Today, my feet leave good solid dirt and head upward, onward. New adventures await. I also know trouble is out there. The thing is I also know that I […]