The Heart Knows What It Wants


Through Glass


Observed through glass

Colors of you came to me

Sacred stained glass

Enveloped me

showing me

Telling me

moving my soul.

More than a reflection

A prism of light.

I dizzied with wonder


a newness never known

Love held me

inside colorful fluttering wings

Spying through

to mystic future visions

Rhythm of drums, conversation

For a moment, a queen.

Green ego, guiding me

to my grave.

A red space deep within

holds the remains

Spectrum’s subtle light

Shall illuminate my days,

warm my nights.

Butterflies migrate

stained-glass cracks

this side of glass unprepared, hazed.

shards of colored words and glass

Placed high upon a shelf

Embrace denied, Thoughts stare, Remember, In silence, I love you.



Monday Motivation!

Making a list. Amazing how a list motivates. I made a list of all the not quite finished stories. It was a long list. Next, I numbered them. The ones closest to finished got the top priority of one. Most of those were completed needing editing/rewrites. A two fell to those stuck in development. Those needing a better beginning or ending or reworking of sentences. While a three went to those that are outlined, or maybe not much more than ideas. Finally, I linked them to my calendar.

Tomorrow, I buy Google home so that all I have to do is come to my desk and ask for my calendar and today’s assignment to be brought up on my desktop. Really looking forward to that. As a writer of future, it is high time that I start using the tech to help me.

Let me know how you organize your writing or if this idea helps you. Organization is not my strong suit, but we all have to find a way. Show me the way. How do you organize your writing? Or do you even want to? I know I do.

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